Chemistry is usually the largest and most automated of all our laboratory departments. Tests include wide range of profiles such as Urea and creatinine, Liver function tests (LFT), Lipogram, Diabetes screening, drug screens and drug assays. This department, together with immunology have the highest percentage of tests requests in any medical Laboratory.

Tests are performed to assess the components of whole blood - the white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets. These include tests for anemia and leukemia. Hematology usually includes coagulation studies (hemostasis) for diseases like hemophilia as well as urinalysis. In a large institution, Hematology may be separated into several subspecialties: Routine Hematology, Special Hematology, Flow Cytometry, Hemostasis and Urinalysis.

This is the study of molecular mechanisms underlying the functions of the immune system, specifically on the nature of antibodies, antigens and their interactions. This study further entails the use of antibodies in the labelling of epitopes of interest in cells (Immunocytochemistry) or tissues (Immunohistochemistry). These techniques are used for the diagnosis and prognosis of diseases and tumours with the development of locus – specific monoclonal antibodies. Such application has improved the system of diagnosing diseases and made way for the exercise of preventive measures against the development of tumours.

Virology, parasitology, mycology and bacteriology all fall under the study of microbiology. Traditionally, microbiologists utilised techniques such as culture, staining. However, less than 1% of the microorganisms present in the environment can be cultured in isolation using current means.

Our Department of Microbiology specializes in diagnostic testing for infectious diseases including the specialized esoteric testing. Our comprehensive automated bacteriology and serology laboratory offers our clientele a wide array of services.

Our Molecular Diagnostics department is lead by qualified and experienced molecular biology scientists . We operate on a stringent set of protocols using the industrys latest technologies and most recognised instruments from the worlds top brands for RT-PCR validated and approved. During Sampling, NCP adheres strictly to protocols to ensure that correct procedures, sanitation and personal protection are achieved.